We are coming to Moncton November 18th!

You asked us to come before the Christmas.  We heard you!  This is us delivering.  We will be attending the Moncton Celiac Chapter Christmas Dinner:

Bethel Presbyterian Church - 600 Cloverdale Rd. –Riverview, NB - E1B 3K6

The Moncton Celiac Chapter has graciously allowed our customers to come between 4pm-5pm to pick up pre-orders and products at our table.  Celiac members attending the dinner can pick up pre-orders and products between 4-6pm.  The Celiac Dinner opens its doors at 5pm and starts at 6pm.

We will have our usual line-up of products plus our holiday products.  This is a great opportunity to stock up your fridge and freezer for your holiday parties and family gatherings!  In order to best meet your needs we would prefer you to make a pre-order if possible.    Pre-orders are due by November 15th, 2007
Pumpkin Pie (DF by request) 9 inch/4 inch $14.00/$7.00
Key Lime Pie 9 inch/4 inch $14.00/$7.00
Pie Crust (DF by request) 9 inch (frozen) $6.50
Shortbread Cookies 8 per pack $5.25
Cinnamon Bun Single serve item $3.25
Holiday Cookie Special 4 packs of cookies (shortbread, macaroons, brownies, gingersnaps, dark choc cranberry) $20.00
Pumpkin Muffins (DF) Single serve/dozen $1.75/$15.00 dozen
Supernova Muffins (DF) Single serve/dozen $1.75/$15.00 dozen
Brownie Bites 6 per pack $5.25
Gingersnaps (Vegan) 10 per pack $5.25
Dark Chocolate Cranberry 8 per pack $5.25
Chocolate Macaroons 6 per pack $5.25
Carrot Cake, Lemon Cake (DF) + Holy Cow Cake (DF) Single Serve item $2.75
Butter Tart Single Serve item $2.75
Granola (DF) 275 g large bag $8.75
Focaccia Rounds (plain + savoury) DF 3 per pack $4.00
Potato-Millet Bread Half loaf/full loaf $4.75/$9.25
Cinnamon Raisin Bread Half loaf $5.25
Molasses Seed Bread Half loaf $5.75
Biscuits 4 per pack $5.25
English Muffins (Vegan) 4 per pack $5.50